Masih: June 2017

Dear Jorge;

I am pleased to inform you. It was wonderful outreach Mission trip.

Holy Spirit really touched the heart of people on June 13 at Norowal district far from Islamabad 6 hours drive by car. with my friend pastor Bashart’s Church. people saw numbers of Miracles.praise God.

Many Blessings;



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Masih: April 2017

Dear Jorge & Anna;
I am pleased to announce that our all Easter Meetings remain excellent. There is no any unpleasant event unhappened during  meetings by the grace of God. There is no any terrorist activities seen in Pakistan during Easter.

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Masih: August 2016

Dear Jorge,

God gave me burden and i would like to share with you.

My Dream about Numbers of Orphanages!

Last month i saw dream about numbers of Orphans asking me about food. I asked my wife please check kitchen, do you have some food in Kitchen? She went to Kitchen and brought lot of food for orphans and then we gave them. When i get up early in the morning and i said to Khalida please check your Kitchen do you have food? She was just looking my face why you are asking me about it. We have almost everything in kitchen. Why you are worry?

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Masih: April 2016

Dear Jorge,

On Sunday we were really upset to conduct our service top on roof but due to heavy rain we were not able to conduct on that place. Last Sunday also we missed our service. Now this Sunday we tried to accommodate people down. We specially request to owner and they gave us permission for service down. Although place was very narrow but we conducted. Thanks Jesus.

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